About Build You Marketing.

Build You Marketing is run by an ambitious college student that wants to help small businesses and YouTube creators grow their community in order to spread their message.

Meet Our Team.

            JAKE ROSS
                  Founder & CEO

Jake Ross is the founder & CEO of Build You. Jake is passionate about sports and entrepreneurship. Having built his own YouTube channel to over 10,000 subscribers in the span of months and working at an agency for over a year, Jake is now ready to help businesses and other content creators grow their audience. When not working, Jake enjoys playing tennis, hanging out with friends, and watching sports.

           Ryan Lytle
                 Account Executive              & Graphic Designer

Ryan Lytle is a student at Babson College studying marketing and entrepreneurship. His passion for graphic design started at 13 years old when creating graphics for his YouTube channel. Over the past 6 years, he has developed skills in graphic design, social media marketing, and videography.

            Madison Imoto
                Account Manager

Madison Imoto is a recent graduate from Boston university where she majored in Media Science with a minor in French. She has a wealth of marketing, communications, and PR skills from her experiences with tech startups, skincare brands, and global companies.