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What are Best Posts for my LinkedIn? 4 LinkedIn Post Themes

Updated: May 30

Do you ever see those people on LinkedIn that somehow always have great content? You open your LinkedIn app and 'Jake Ross' is always showing up at the top of your feed. Well... it's not random. Today, we share four post archetypes on LinkedIn that always perform well and keep you on people's feeds.

Why Should I Post on LinkedIn?

A LinkedIn Post about how to get impressions on LinkedIn by Jake Ross

LinkedIn is the most used social media platform for professionals. In many cases, your LinkedIn profile is your resume for your career (click here to learn how to create the best LinkedIn profile) and it's where your professional network lives. Posting on LinkedIn helps you tap into that network you already created to further your relationship with them.

Think about your favorite famous person... Tom Brady, Taylor Swift, or maybe even Lady Gaga. Do you feel like you 'know' that person? Through their countless social media posts, commercials, TV interviews, press articles, and more, they have created a personality for themselves and helped people understand who they are. Most importantly, they have built some sort of relationship with you without even knowing it.

That is exactly what posting on LinkedIn can do for you. It builds trust and people know you a lot better. You will get invited to events, dinners, and galas, etc. In addition, you will get partnership opportunities and new customers you never even new existed.

  • Builds Trust with your network

  • Bolsters your Industry Credibility

  • Invitations to special events, dinners, communities, etc.

  • Establishes & maintains relationships with your professional circle

  • Increases brand awareness

  • So much more...

So now that you're convinced that posting on LinkedIn actually has many benefits, here are 4 post themes that increase engagement and build relationships with your network to get you started.

How Do I Write a Great LinkedIn Post?

There is actually a LinkedIn post formula to increase your engagement, and we cover that on our LinkedIn mastery blog series. Click here to learn how to write a great LinkedIn post.

1. Storytelling Posts

Who doesn't like a great story? Heck, every sports game seems to always have a storyline behind it to get people to watch. So I challenge you to think about what your story is. If you are a founder, why did you start your company? What challenges did you have to overcome and how did you fix them? Here is an example of a storytelling post we wrote for our client:

A LinkedIn Post about Chloe Samaha's MVP of her Venture BOND

We focused on how Chloe Samaha, Founder of BOND, built her venture's MVP to test the idea's viability. This shows grit, determination, and commitment. Chloe's goal was to use her LinkedIn profile to help her raise money and show other entrepreneurs that they can start a company simply using an already existing app.

This really resonated with Chloe's audience, pulling in over 50 comments, 150 reactions, and 13,000 impressions... with only 2,500 followers at the time.

It got people to stop scrolling and click 'read more.' This post not only allowed new people to discover her, but this anecdote was also mentioned in multiple press features.

The big lesson? People will listen to your story, especially if you know how to tell it.

2. Achievement Posts (AKA Milestone Posts)

LinkedIn is the place to celebrate your professional achievements, milestones, and success! It's also the perfect platform to thank the people that helped you along the way. The mixture of sharing an accomplishment, recognizing the help you got a long the way, and sharing your lessons from the experience is a recipe for a well performing LinkedIn post.

It also builds your personal ethos-- people are more likely to trust and follow your ideas when you have had success.

A LinkedIn Post from Anastacia Yefimenko that highlights her winning a pitch competition

Take our client Anastacia Yefimenko's post about how she won first place at the UMass Lowell Clean Green Challenge pitch competition. The post begins with a hook that makes people stop in their scrolls, "I won first place!" This gets people to pause, maybe smile, and react to the post in celebration. They have now taken time out of their day to recognize Anastacia and her success. This builds Anastacia's credibility as a business owner and her ability to pitch her company. As a student founder, this is vital for her since it can be harder to be taken seriously as a student entrepreneur.

In this post, we made sure to thank the people that helped her along the way, and in the comment section below, we tagged those people specifically.

Anastacia mentioned to the Build You team that people bring this accomplishment up all of the time now, and how it has built her credibility tremendously when talking to key stakeholders.

What milestones/accomplishments fit under Achievement Posts?

  • Winning Competitions

  • Features in press articles

  • Acceptance into new communities (I.e. accelerators, incubators)

  • Receiving funding

3. Networking Posts

Do you ever go to an event and meet so many people that you don't really know who to reach out to after? Maybe everything is a blur and you need a break. Yet, two days later, you are see a post from someone you met... now you remember them and it reminds you to reach out to them about something you both spoke about. The person that posted has just cracked the networking code. Out of all the people you met, they stood out to you because of this post.

A LinkedIn Post by Jake Ross about networking

In this post, our Founder Jake Ross, highlighted his experience at the founder dinner he attended. Simply, Jake focused on some of the takeaways he had from the people he met. Out of the 15 people that were at dinner, this post allowed him to stand out and it increased the probability that people would remember him as that 'college student that started his own company.'

From this post alone, four of the founders reached out to Jake directly with different opportunities or asked to setup a call to learn more about Build You. One of those founders is now a client of Build You!

These posts are key to standing out in a mass of people, and help further the relationships you have already built with people.

The most important thing to remember for networking posts is that amount of impressions, reactions or comments don't matter... the only result you should be concerned with is if you reached the people that you specifically wanted to.

4. Thought Leadership Posts

Why should people listen to you? That's the question that thought leadership posts answer for your audience. In many industries, there are a lot of people that claim to be 'experts' in something when they really aren't, so it makes it hard for customers to trust anyone. Utilizing thought leadership posts to show your industry expertise and capabilities builds that trust with current and potential customers. They can trust that you truly are an expert in your field.

A LinkedIn thought leadership Post example on Temima Shame's account

Take this post we crafted for Temima Shames, Founder of Next Step Projects, an influencer marketing agency that connect influencers to brand deal opportunities and helps them with their personal marketing efforts.

She shared an anecdote about how one of her clients focused on creating Snapchat content to drive music streams. She shares why and how to use Snapchat to do this.

This boosts her credibility and proves that Temima and the Next Step Projects team know their stuff. It eases the decision for potential influencer clients to have Temima's team represent them.

4 LinkedIn Post Themes Recap

  • Storytelling posts to build relationships with your network

  • Achievement posts to increase your personal credibility

  • Networking posts to stand out after events

  • Thought Leadership posts to increase your industry knowledge credibility

Other LinkedIn Items to Be Aware Of

Now that you know four new LinkedIn post archetypes, you will need to focus on sprucing up your profile and how to actually write the content. You can check out these resources to help:

Want More Information?

If you are interested in posting on LinkedIn and want expert help, we are here to take care of the entire process for you! Reach out to us today to see how we can increase your professional community engagement.

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