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Q&A with Christopher Burroughs

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Build You Intern Spotlight
Content Intern Christopher Burroughs of Build You Marketing

In the fast-paced world of marketing, success stories often begin with a solid foundation of education and a passionate pursuit of one's dreams. Christopher (Chris) Burroughs, a recent graduate of Endicott College, exemplifies this path to success. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing earned in May of 2023, Chris has wasted no time.

His journey began when he joined AdDaptive Intelligence just a month after graduation in June. Taking on the role of an account coordinator, he immediately started honing his skills in data analysis and campaign management.

By August, Chris also joined the Build You Marketing team. His motivation? A deep-seated passion for marketing and a desire to work closely with smaller organizations. Here, he plans to leverage his experience gained through past internship roles, where he excelled in campaign planning, client social media management, graphic design, and a variety of public relations projects.

As Chris embarks on this new chapter in his marketing journey, his story serves as an inspiration to young professionals looking to make their mark in the ever-evolving world of marketing. Join us as we delve into the life and career of Chris and his industry insight!

Tell us about your previous internship experiences in marketing. How have they prepared you for this role at Build You Marketing?

Chris: My internship experiences in marketing included many different roles from customer success intern at PTC (6,000+ Employees), to marketing intern at Moore Soccer Academy, a much smaller company. The functions of each job varied and I was tasked with duties that ranged from creating internal marketing assets, website design, social media management, and setting up and sending email marketing campaigns. My later internships at The Barton Associates, Digitas, and the Belfort Group helped me practice these skills and learn new ones such as industry research, ad spend analysis, content planning, and draft writing media advisories.

In your role at Build You Marketing, you'll be working on various aspects of marketing, including social media engagement, campaign planning, graphic design, and analytics monitoring. Can you share a few examples from your past projects that demonstrate your skills in these areas?

Chris: During time at the Belfort Group, I was introduced to agency marketing where I mastered social media engagement for clients on platforms in various industries through Sprout Social. This was a part of the greater objective of campaign planning which saw me build content calendars, design graphics, and draft copy for captions.

Both in my current role at AdDpative and in my internship at Digitas, I have been working deep within client data. My duties have ranged from ad spend monitoring and campaign management to data analysis and detailed reporting. I use these metrics to inform clients of insights and campaign recommendations.

Client communication and satisfaction are crucial in marketing. What are your tips for handling client feedback and requests, and how do you ensure that clients are satisfied with the services you provide?

Chris: Communicating with not only clients, but co-workers as well, has come in many forms throughout my experiences. I try to ensure the companies we work with are satisfied with the work I am doing by tending to the small details such as checking in on client needs and giving them regular campaign progress updates. I find that going through problems and learning from your fellow co-workers can be very insightful for things ranging from managing a brand's content to learning the timing expectations for monthly reporting.

In the world of marketing, trends and technologies are constantly evolving. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and tools? Any tools and such you want to share?

Chris: In the world of marketing, tech and trends are the reason I have skills ranging from posting an instagram story to presenting a client's monthly data to them over zoom.

I find the best way to keep up with all the changes these trends create is to learn from my co-workers and network, who are also in the weeds of marketing. This helps see what challenges people are having and how I can grow, so that I can move past those obstacles as they come up.

A new tool I’m using at Build You Marketing, although not directly marketing related, is the BOND app, which gives our co-workers a daily question to respond and react to (which I thought was a nice break between the work talk). At Adaptive Intelligence, I’ve noticed going into the office two days a week is a great way to connect with my team and to learn from their experience at the company. Both help me connect with my teammates better, which accelerates my learning.

Anything else you want to share?

I’m excited to keep learning from both companies and can’t wait to see how I can develop in my roles. Testing my graphic design skills on Canva through their learning assets, managing client campaigns and learning to leverage and use data analytics to improve campaign performance have become skills I envision myself incorporating to my role at Build You.

We want to thank Chris for his time and for the insights he shared! We are SO excited to have him as part of #TeamBuildYou.

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