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 Thought Leader Blog Series

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Rachel McIntosh

Rachel McIntosh, Community Manager at Venture Lane Startup Hub, shares her insight on managing different communities.

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Krystal Wu

Krystal Wu, a community manager in Boston, shared her insight on how to successfully build a strong community from the ground up.

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David Zamarin

David Zamarin, Founder of Detrapel, shared his entrepreneurial experience and advice for other entrepreneurs.

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Jessica Radford

Jessica Radford, a talent acquisition leader, discusses how hiring has changed during the pandemic and shares her advice on how to land a job.

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Cecilia Hermawan

Entrepreneur Cecilia Hermawan talks about her experience transitioning from a full-time job to running her own company,  Vico Style.

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Cecilia Wessinger

Cecilia Wessinger, Director of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, talks about how entrepreneurs can effectively build their networks.

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Craig Theisen

Craig Theisen is the founder and CEO of Peak Brewery in Maine. He talks about entrepreneurship strategy and how to survive in tough markets


Steve Vilkas

Steve Vilkas highlights sub-communities, and how he utilizes them in his role as Chief Ecosystems Officer at Prepare4VC.

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Nailah Barnes

Empowering people through community is vital, and it is exactly what Nailah Barnes' is doing with The Brains with Beauty Project.


Jonny Boyarsky

Jonny Boyarsky of Literally Helping Startups talked about the 5 pillars of an investable startup. Checkout what he had to say...


Jake Ross

Yes... our Jake Ross interviewed about his experience leading the entrepreneurial community eTower as a sophomore in college.


Kimberely D'Eramo

Dr. Kim D'Eramo shared her insight on community engagement and how leaders can authentically connect with members in their space.

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Landing Page

Less friction, more registrations! That's why we built Social Trade Inc's pre-registration landing page for their Inter-collegiate Virtual Trading Competition. 

Wes Woodson Intro

Build You worked with Mental Health YouTuber to create his first YouTube video to tell his story. We then built out a series of vlogs and educational content.

$1,000 at a Card Show

For JR Sports Cards it was all about quantity over quality. We came up with hundreds of video ideas that ammassed over 950,000 combined views and over 11,000 subscribers

ACT's 40 under 40 Awards

Build You edited the Association for Commuter Transportation's 40 under 40 virtual awards ceremony. We went through hundreds of clips to organize, piece together, and publish

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