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How to Set your Personal LinkedIn Profile URL

Increase your Google SEO & Share-ability

Screenshot of Jake Ross LinkedIn Profile
Set your Personal LinkedIn Profile URL

Do you ever need to share your LinkedIn profile URL for an application, nomination, investor meeting or just to share with a friend? It can be a pain, especially on mobile, trying to find your LinkedIn profile URL.

Luckily, LinkedIn recently launched a new feature for personal LinkedIn accounts that allows for users to set their own custom LinkedIn profile URL, so it is easy to remember and share!

Why is it Important to Have a Custom LinkedIn Profile URL?

Not only does updating your LinkedIn Profile URL make it easier to share your account with friends, colleagues, or other contacts, but it can significantly increase your search engine optimization (SEO). When you put custom words (or keywords) into your LinkedIn Profile URL, you're telling Google which key search terms you would like your LinkedIn profile to show up on.

For example, our founder's LinkedIn profile slug is "/jake-ross-build-you" which increases the likelihood that his LinkedIn profile will show up on Google search for "Jake Ross" and "Build You."

Since our company has been making sure our website ranks for 'Build You' and not just 'Build You Marketing' adding 'Build You' into Jake's LinkedIn Profile URL slug increases our website's search authority.

Now that you know why a custom LinkedIn profile is important... Here's how to do it:

How to Update your Personal LinkedIn Profile URL

1. Navigate to your LinkedIn Profile

Jake Ross LinkedIn Profile Tab

Select your name in the top left corner once you are on your LinkedIn timeline.

2. Select the 'Pen' Icon on the "Public profile & URL"

Public Profile & URL Button Tutorial

Once you're on your personal LinkedIn profile, select the 'pen' or 'edit' icon on the top right of your screen on the 'Public Profile & URL' tab.

This will bring you to the 'Public profile settings' page.

3. Select the 'Pen' Icon on the "Edit your custom URL"

Edit Custom URL on LinkedIn

Now, LinkedIn will have opened a new tab on your browser and taken you to your 'Public profile settings.'

Here, you will need to select the 'pen' or 'edit' icon in the 'Edit your custom URL' tab. You will now be able to adjust the slug of your personal LinkedIn profile URL.

4. Update your Personal LinkedIn Profile URL

Update Personal LinkedIn Profile URL

It's finally time to update your personal LinkedIn profile link! Insert your first and last name with a '-' between the words instead of a space. Follow that with your company name or other keywords you want your LinkedIn profile to rank for on Google search.

If you need help finding which keywords to rank for use SemRush or Google Search Console for suggestions!

Other Personal LinkedIn Profile Tips & Tricks

Now that you have updated your personal LinkedIn profile URL you are ready to share your profile and have it appear on Google! That means you will want to make sure you have the best personal LinkedIn profile and content for people to check out. That said, here are some other LinkedIn resources for you to level up your profile:

Need Personal LinkedIn Help?

If you are interested in posting more personal LinkedIn content and optimizing your profile to increase your leads, investment opportunities, business partnerships and much more, we are here to take care of the entire process for you! Reach out to us today to see how we can increase your professional community engagement.


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