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The Best LinkedIn Profile for a Company

Company LinkedIn Profile Tips, Tricks & Optimization

If your company does not have a LinkedIn profile, you need one now.

If you search a privately held company's name, the 2nd or 3rd link to show up on search engines is generally its LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn profiles and content have extremely high search authority, meaning that LinkedIn related URLs are more likely to show up when someone enters a Google search.

Your company LinkedIn profile acts as a landing page with optimized SEO (LinkedIn pays for your business to rank higher on Google so that people spend more time on their platform). It shows off what you do, your brand voice, company values, and so much more. Most importantly (to a majority of companies), it attracts new customers to your product or service.

Not only that, but if you are a founder that posts often on your personal page, it is almost guaranteed that you have a significant amount of traffic headed towards your company's LinkedIn page. So you'll want to make sure that everything is up to date, optimized, and professional looking.

Well look no further. Here is everything you need to do to ensure you have the best company LinkedIn profile:

Logo, Company Name, Banner, & Tagline

When anyone clicks on your company's LinkedIn profile or sees your company LinkedIn post, the first thing they will see is your company logo and name.


Build You Marketing LinkedIn Header
  1. Large Logo

You'll want to make sure that your logo is as large as possible while still fitting properly within the square so that people can clearly see your logo when they are scrolling down their feed. If your logo is too small, they may not recognize it and scroll past. In addition, you lose out on that brand recognition and association.

2. Use a non-white background on your logo

Under 39% of LinkedIn users utilize dark mode... which means over 61% use light mode, so the background behind most company logos are white. You want your company to stand out on the feed, so use a non-white background to put your logo on. In general, the all white version of your logo on a black background is a great choice.

Even on dark mode, a black or non-white background behind your logo looks great.

3. Use your Company Icon (sometimes)

If your regular logo is horizontal and written out it most likely won't fit clearly within the square, so we recommend using your company icon or a more square version of your logo so that people can clearly see it is your company.

Company Name

Now putting down your 'Company Name' might seem simple, but a lot of companies do it wrong.

  1. Use your "Doing Business As" Name

Too many companies use their legal business name on LinkedIn, yet this is not how customers know them. For example, our clients don't know us as "Build You Marketing, LLC" -- they know us as "Build You Marketing."

Adding extra things such as "LLC" or "Inc." hurts SEO and does not come off as brand friendly. It also reads weird when people tag your company on posts.

2. No abbreviations

Don't use any abbreviations in your company name on LinkedIn. For example, some of our customers call us "BYM" instead of Build You Marketing, so you may assume we would write (BYM) on our LinkedIn headline, but we don't.

It will throw people off when writing out your company name in a post. In addition, it makes it too long. You're better off with a shorter company name on LinkedIn.


This is where you show off the lifestyle of your brand. Another way to look at it... the banner should tell visitors how to feel about your brand. Oh... and a 1 sentence description of what your company is.

Build You Marketing LinkedIn Banner
Master your Company Banner

  1. (1) Sentence Description

Tell visitors what you do in one sentence so that they can decide if your page is relevant to their needs. For example, our client EKOS.AI uses:

"The all-in-one engagement platform build for hybrid communities"

People now know what your company does and it took less than 3 seconds.

2. Show off your product/service

If you have a product (tech, CPG, etc.), make sure that it is on the banner, so people can become familiar with what you offer.

If you are a service, show the impact you make either through the customers you serve or cutouts of you and the team in action.

You can get creative here though! Just make sure to include these two elements somehow.


The first line under your company name should be your company's value add. You have your 'what are we?' on your banner, so utilize this section of your profile to answer the 'what do we do?' question.

  1. 1-2 short sentences that only take up one line

Keep it short... people will not read a paragraph of information here. Your goal should be to get across what you do in the shortest amount of words.

Someone will look at your banner and ask "What does it mean to be a full-service brand growth agency?" and then when they look at your tagline it explains more.

"We create a community of fans around our client's brand"

About Section

This is your chance to tell people a little bit more about your company and improve your company profile's SEO.

  1. Start with "Why"

Write a 1 sentence description of the 'why' behind your brand. Why are you even in business? What problem are you solving?

If you were the company 'Ring' then you'd write "Creating products that help protect what matters most at home and empower people to connect with their neighbors"

This way people understand who you are helping and your mission.

2. Sum up your Business

In another 1 sentence following your 'why' write about what your business does! Make this quick and to the point. For example, we write:

"A full-service brand growth agency focused on increasing customer retention, loyalty, and word-of-mouth marketing for our clients."

Featured Section
Build You Marketing LinkedIn Featured Section
Add 3 posts to your Featured section

1. Select (3) Posts to feature

When potential customers, investors, or business partners land on your LinkedIn page, your company's featured section is going to standout!

The Featured section on LinkedIn allows companies to highlight their three favorite posts (but no more than that). You need to make sure to choose which posts you want to show deliberately and that align with your goals.

We chose a post about a reel we made that got 1M+ views on Instagram and a time that our founder, Jake Ross, set up a table at an event. The third post, which you cannot see, but you can scroll on LinkedIn to see is a press piece Jake is featured in.

We chose these 2 posts to show off because the first post shows that we get results and the second post shows some personality to our brand. It shows people that we are human!

Behind the Scenes

Now that the front facing part of your company LinkedIn profile is setup, you now need to focus on the behind the scenes of your profile to optimize it for LinkedIn & Google Search.

As we stated in the introduction to this article, your company's LinkedIn profile is generally one of the top three links to show up on Google when someone searches your company name or even industry, so it is important to have your profile optimized correctly to make sure it shows up on the right Google searches.

To access these settings, select "Edit Page" on the admin view of your LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn Public URL

Build You Marketing LinkedIn URL
Change your profile URL to include your company name

Every LinkedIn profile has a unique URL: it's generally

The first thing you want to do is change this URL to have your company name in it. This will ensure Google that this is your company's LinkedIn profile, so it is more likely to show up on Google search.

Add "-" between each word in your company name instead of a space.

Unique Button
Build You Marketing LinkedIn Custom Button
Create a Custom Button

When someone clicks the three dots next to the 'Follow' button, a drop down will populate that includes a custom button that you can set and the option to send your company a message.

You definitely want to attach your company website to your company's LinkedIn profile, so under 'Buttons' in the 'Edit Page' window, you want your settings to look like the following:

LinkedIn Button Settings

There are a few different options that you can choose from for the call-to-action, but we feel that 'Visit Website' is not too sales-like and gets people where you want them to be.

Build You Marketing Specialities
Select 20 Company Specialties

Once you have set up your LinkedIn URL and custom button, navigate to the 'Overview' section under 'About.'

Here, you have the opportunity to optimize your profile for the LinkedIn search engine to define what specialities your company attributes itself with. You can select up to 20 specialities. We recommend selecting as many as you can.

This is important because people can find your page easier on LinkedIn search. For example, when a CMO searches 'Social Media Marketing' on LinkedIn because they are looking for help, Build You Marketing is more likely to populate in that search and we now have a chance to land a new client.

Note: You want to select specialties that people are likely to search on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Company Location Settings
Add your Company's Physical Location or Service Area

The final behind the scenes setting you need to complete is your company location. This will improve your local SEO, so that people in your area are more likely to see your company's LinkedIn profile.

More LinkedIn Tips & Tricks

Now that your company's LinkedIn profile is setup and optimized, you will want to drive traffic to it, so check out the resources below to take your LinkedIn strategy to the next level:

Want More Information?

If you are interested in setting up your company LinkedIn profile and want expert help, we are here to take care of the entire process for you! Reach out to us today to see how we can increase your professional community engagement.

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