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How to Write Viral LinkedIn Content

Updated: May 15

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Whether you run a B-2-C, B-2-B or even B-2-G posting on your LinkedIn as a founder or executive is VITAL! Especially writing viral LinkedIn Content.

Not only can posting on LinkedIn help you reach more of your target audience to find new customers, but it opens the door to business opportunities you may not have even know existed. For example, multiple of our clients have been featured in press articles directly because of what they posted on LinkedIn. Others have been able to secure fundraising for their tech company, and various have been invited to pitch competitions for chances to win money and get new customers.

Benefits of LinkedIn Content

A message from a LinkedIn user

New clients / Buyers

Let's say my ideal customer is a tech founder. If a tech founder likes my post, that content will be shown to some people in their network, who more often then not, are also tech founders.

This network effect is why LinkedIn content is so powerful. You can post content that is helpful to your target audience, so that they are more likely to share it. This will help it get seen by new potential customers.

Builds Trust

If you're posting content that provides value to your target audience, you become a 'Thought Leader' within your industry. This is someone who people trust to be an expert in a particular field.

As you show off your expertise, people are more likely to trust your opinion and want to use your product or service because you have built the credibility of it.

Unexpected Benefits

Often times, I've seen people get the most random opportunities from posting on LinkedIn, which has led them to get new customers or reach their goals. For example, you could:

  • Get Featured in Magazines/Articles

  • Invites to events / engagement opportunities

  • Investor Interest

  • Partnership Opportunities

  • Mentorship

  • Talent Acquisition

  • General Asks being fulfilled

What Makes Great LinkedIn Content

A LinkedIn post written by Jake Ross about running a business in college

A Strong Hook

(1) sentence that will get people to click "Read More..." -- this should be your sole goal. Get people to 'turn the page.'

Provide Value

Assist the people you are reaching by offering advice, key learnings from an experience, or resources that will help them push themselves or their work forward. People are more likely to share and engage with content that helps them!

Resume for Building Your Business

Show off the work you're doing to grow your company. People LOVE seeing the journey because it tells a story and makes them feel more connected to you and your mission. Always make your posts relate back to your company's mission.

Relate it back to You

People are connected with you for YOU, so make sure that while you are providing value that you relate it back to you or something you did. Your engagement will SOAR if you do this.

Posting Strategy

1 Post per Week

(1) post per week is not too much, but also not too little. If you're creating quality content, then this should be just enough to satisfy your audience and reach your goals

Tues - Thurs 10AM - 11AM

Post during this time frame as most LinkedIn users are active on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays. We have seen the most success (high engagement) with all of our clients by posting within this time frame. Do NOT post after 4PM as people are leaving work and headed home.

Links & Tags in the Comments

Don't put any links in your actual post as LinkedIn is less likely to push that post in the algorithm since they do not want people to leave the LinkedIn platform. A way to get around this is to put any links in the comment section by commenting on your own post.

You can also tag people in the comment section so that your post does not look cluttered. It still pushes your post to their network!

Writing a GREAT LinkedIn Post Formula(s) 👇

A LinkedIn post by Jake Ross about his feature in the Boston Business Journal

Caption Formula:

  • Hook

  • What the post is about

  • Why the hook connects to the ‘what’

  • Conclusion

Here are some things to help 👇

1. Hook (MOST important part of the post)

Ask yourself, “Would I click ‘read more’?” if I saw this post on my feed?”

I.e. “How I started a 6-figure business as a full-time college student ⬇️"

2. What the post is about

  • One sentence about what the post is about

    • Shorter the Better

    • Relate it back to the hook

    • Tag the main person/organization involved

      • Maximum 2 tags in this section

I.e. That's what I showed off in my first project with @Babson College in my "Day in the Life of a Student Entrepreneur" short-form video for their Instagram & TikTok page.

3. Why the hook connects to the ‘what’

  • Provide Advice / Key Takeaway(s)

    • Use a related Emoji before every piece of advice

    • 1-3 words then use ‘--’ and follow it up with 1-2 sentences

I.e. “⏱️ You need to Sacrifice -- sometimes, I can't go out on the weekends because I need to get a client deliverable done or a homework assignment submitted. Some people would argue that "you have to live life," and I say "I do..." You have to WANT it.”

4. Conclusion

  • Thank the proper people / organization (if not mentioned above)

    • 2 tags MAXIMUM

  • Relate back to the main mission of the post

I.e. “Thank you to Bryan Lipiner & Babson for giving me the opportunity to share my journey and hopefully help other student entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.”
  • Use 3 Hashtags

    • Relate them back to the post and to reach the target audience you want to reach

I.e “#Entrepreneurship #WorkplaceCulture #Founder” – this will be pushed to the proper audience

Perfect Photo(s) 👇

Examples of a photo collage on LinkedIn

1st Photo should have YOU upfront & center

  • No group shots for the first photo

  • Make sure your entire head is visible

    • Crop photo as needed (usually cut the bottom and make more rectangle)

Use 1 OR 3 photos

  • *ONLY use 2 photos when both photos are vertical*

Tag people AND associated businesses on respective photo(s)

Now you are ready to get more customers, business opportunities, and so many other experiences you never saw coming your way.

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